The potential damage that can be caused by leaving a vehicle outside

The potential damage that can be caused by leaving a vehicle outside in bad weather is well known. Would you leave your car out on the street when you can put it safely in the garage? For some reason cars seem to HF-A001 4WD mat get special attention though, whereas taking care of caravans often gets forgotten about. Yet caravans are just as susceptible to damage as cars, and so need an equal amount of care and attention; failure to do so just means paying more for repairs and earning less when it comes to selling it.

Even finding somewhere to store your caravan during the winter months is not sufficient though, as the rain that falls in April contains the same acids as the rain that falls in December. Leave that rain water to build up on your caravan for too long and the deterioration soon starts, along with a probable development of sludge and green algae on the roof.It is not just the wet weather that is a problem either, the powerful UV rays of the sun can damage the paintwork, tires and upholstery. Yet the weather is only the start of the problem. Birds might well enhance your caravanning experience, but they show no respect when it comes to where they leave their droppings! Consider also the potential for nasty scratches, bumps and even the audacious thief.So, what can you do about this? Well, if you do not have space in your garage, and do not fancy paying extortionate storage fees all year, then a good caravan cover is just what you need. It can save you a lot of both hassle and expense, and leave you to spend your time enjoying your caravan rather than cleaning and repairing it.

Caravan covers these days have come a long way from being simply a plastic sheet. Now they are made from polypropylene, which is a versatile material that is both tough and resistant to chemicals, oil, grease and heat. As well as being strong, they are also flexible and totally waterproof. They will literally cling to the outside of your caravan, and stop even an absolute downpour from getting even a single drop of water on it.They are not expensive either, especially when you consider how much your caravan originally cost you. Stocked both in high street and online camping and caravaning stores, you will have no problem finding one. There are plenty of varieties, so finding just the right one for your particular caravan is easy enough.Your caravan is an investment and deserves sound protection. Look after it all year round and you will reap the maximum benefit from it. Time spent on good 'over-wintering' will pay off when it comes to the spring and the wise caravanner will follow a check-list of jobs to do before settling it into hibernation. Removing all the contents, leaving the fridge door open and giving the caravan a good clean and polish will all stand you in good stead for next season and rounding everything off with a good quality caravan cover will be a job well done.

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